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Do you have bats
in the belfry?

look ahead now - So you are on the safe side! We create environmental surveys, ecological expert reports, environmental
impact assessments (EIA), FFH compatibility studies, construction environmental
management plans (CEMP), feasibility studies.
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Sustainable management rather shortsighted deterrence. We offer holistic concepts that SOlves "The Pigeon Problem" in an sustainable,
environmentally friendly and humane Way.
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Green Advertising

Wir unterstreichen die Nachhaltigkeit Ihres Unternehmens. Kommunizieren Sie gruen. Wir bedienen und öffnen Marketingkanäle für Sie
und stärken Sie in der konsequenten Umsetzung Ihrer gruenen Corporate Philosophy.
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You have bats
in the belfry!

Ensure that they are staying. Professional implementation of compensatory measures.
Planning and implementation of integrated or additional nestboxes.
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Latest activities


Werbematerialien für das Nürnberger Stadtradeln #10

Auch 2017 durften wir wieder die Werbemittel für das Stadtradeln erstellen. In diesem Jahr besonders: Werbung auf den Norisbikes in der Stadt ...

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Protection of species

Solutions for building breeders

For each building do exist unobtrusive solutions for the installation of nest boxes. Customized solutions ensure ...

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Technical support

Live video stream of peregrines in nuremberg

In the Sinwell tower of the Nuremberg Imperial Castle peregrine falcons are nesting. They are breeding in...

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Green advertising

Communicate Green

Communicate green. We operate and open marketing channels for you and empower you in the consistent implementation of your green corporate philosophy.

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