environmental survey - analysis of abundance of swifts

The case is described quickly: A roof restoration at a traditional swifts site. Through the roof work was a risk that the old breeding sites are getting lost due to the damping.

In a brief survey the breeding areas have been identified. The report is setting the scope of action for the house builder and for the authorities.

All in all this survey is a benefit for urban nature.

The old breeding areas were replaced by new swift accommodations. The new accommodations offer even better conditions for the swifts: mrore space for the swifts and installed nest concaves ensure that the eggs are not rolling away.

The law requirements were met and the client has made an important contribution to the preservation of urban nature. Congratulations to all involved actors.

Unser Leitfaden zum Thema: Broschüre "ARTENSCHUTZ AM GEBÄUDE" hier downloaden.

swift entrances in eave
swift nest concave
droppings of traditional swift breeding area - sealed through damping
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