threatened common swifts (apus apus) nesting sites are being rescued

Swifts are protected by law. Resting and breeding sites must not be damaged or destroyed.Builders must reckon with a misdemeanor and a building freeze in case of violation.

A report with the findings on the presence of protected species on the building and the exact localization gives transparency for builders and handicraft firms.

Such a report shall is also used as a document for authorities.
In the Campestraße in Nuremberg a roof was repaired. Swifts nesting sites were threatened. We have conducted a servey.

The results were forwarded to the local nature conservation authority. We advised the builders.
The old sites were accurately localized and replaced by new ones.
The generously chosen volume of the nest site bewares of overheating during summer.

In addition, traces of droppings were drawn to the new sites. This is to ensure that the swifts do find the new sites.



Unser Leitfaden zum Thema: Broschüre "ARTENSCHUTZ AM GEBÄUDE" hier downloaden.

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