consultancy for Maintenance concept of the Veit-Stoß-Park Nuremberg

Parks in cities need special maintenance concepts and that fulfill different needs. Over time, parks require a "rejuvenation" that meets the changing demands of users.

In advance of the implementation of measures at the Veit Stoss Park in Nuremberg, we have consulted the City Council from a conservation point of view.

What trees have ecological value on what species? Which plants should be obtained as part of the restructuring of the place. We have recommended flowering tree and shrub species that are attractive to people and animals as well.

We wish all the best and much joy over the "rejuvenation" of the Veit Stoss Park in Nuremberg. 


Veit-Stoß-Platz Nuremberg
broad leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos)
Veit-Stoß-Platz Nuremberg
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