Common Housemartin Management at dorm in Nuremberg

Not everyone can be pleased about the presence of the house martins because they cause droppings.

The removal of the nests is forbidden by law, because house martins are protected and the unauthorized removal and destruction of nests is punishable as a misdemeanor.

A good solution to avoid droppings on sidewalks and windowsills is the installation of  a shelf.

Our philosophy: protect martins and create a compromise for people and nature.

Unser Leitfaden zum Thema: Broschüre "ARTENSCHUTZ AM GEBÄUDE" hier downloaden.

Schwegler nestbox for common swift. In this case a house martin is nesting in.
shelf for droppings of Common Housemartin
shelf for droppings of Common Housemartin from Schwegler
Common Housemartin (Delichon urbicum) at its nest
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