swift nestboxes

For people a skyscraper for swifts an artificial rock with excellent nesting conditions.

This block has been repainted during the breeding season and had to be upgraded. What was unknown to all parties was that for many years swifts are nesting in the area of the ​​Attica.

Swifts are protected by law and the builder is obliged to get an certificate of exemption from the nature conservation authority if the building activity disrupts the breeding business.

That's what happened. This certificate of exemption was connected with the builders obligation to maintain the existing breeding quarters with a increase of additional swift nestboxes.

We have installed the swift nestboxes and provided them with nest concaves. So the swift eggs do not roll around. The breeding success is increased.

Unser Leitfaden zum Thema: Broschüre "ARTENSCHUTZ AM GEBÄUDE" hier downloaden.

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nest concave in swift nestbox
Common swift (Apus apus)
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