Custom product for house-breeding birds in church


Fortunately we were able to observe that a jackdaw colony adopted the special nest boxes in the church tower. We are pleased with the success and thank the Gustav Adolf Memorial Church for the cooperation.

Jackdaws and swifts are colony breeders. These two bird species prefer exposed locations.

We have built custom-made made nestboxes and installed them in the southern and eastern exposed windows of the tower of the renovated Gustav Adolf Memorial Church in Nuremberg. The boxes can accommodate eight jackdaws and about 20 swifts breeding pairs. They can also accommodate a kestrel breeding pair.

Peepholes provide  a view into the boxes. This is another attraction in the tower tours and a contribution to environmental education for schools.

This was possible due to the openness of the church authority in Nuremberg and the community. A contribution for urban nature and species protection.

gruenstifter nestbox with peephole
gruenstifter nestbox for swifts behind bell board
blizzard in Nuremberg
Transition at Gustav Adolf's Memorial Church overlooking Nuremberg
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