Kestrels get new accommodation at Lebkuchen factory


The Kestrels moved into their quarter in 2014.


The Kestrels have adopted the new quarter and successfully reared their young. We thank again the company Wolff Gingerbread for your commitment.

Another accommodation for kestrels at a factory building of the company Lebkuchen Wolff was established.

On the south facade of the building an additional kestrel box was installed. Only a few meters away from the original breeding site.  The nestbox has already been inspected after a few days by kestrels.

Kestrels can breed colony-like close to each other.

In this case the measure was to relocate the kestrels from a sensitive location on top of a door.

We consult you. And we install the nestboxes for you because we know the places they have to be installed.

Schwegler nestbox for common kestrel
Schwegler nestbox for kestrel with litter
Consultancy of the measure at factory of Lebkuchen Wolff
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