nesboxes for common swifts at Karl-bröger-Zentrum Nürnberg

Many construction projects threaten birds in cities. Therefore, it is particularly noteworthy when preventive measures are implemented to protect birds.

At the Nuremberg Karl-Bröger-Haus, we have installed at the builders` request nesting boxes for swifts.

In the boxes are nest hollows, which ensure that the eggs of protected swifts (Apus apus) do not bounce or roll. The breeding success is increased. The boxes are painted in house paint and they are approved by the conservation authority.

In the spring of 2014, a birdattracter is will be installed to establish a new colony of swifts in the south of Nuremberg.

We congratulate the person in charge on a measure for more urban nature. We do wish many imitators.

nestboxes with nestconcave for common swifts - gruenstifter
swift boxes or colony - gruenstifter
nestboxes Common swift (Apus apus)
Karl-Bröger-Haus Nürnberg
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