bird attractor for swallow house


Das Mehlschwalbenhaus ist erfolgreich besetzt. Mindestens 15 Brutpaare haben das Artenschutzhaus nach der Beschallung mit einer Klangattrappe angenommen.

Construction activities with open ground attract martins because they find enough building material for their nests. Not everyone can be pleased about the presence of the house martins because they cause droppings.

The removal of the nests is forbidden by law, because house martins are protected and the unauthorized removal and destruction of nests is punishable as a misdemeanor.

The construction of a so called swallow house was a compensating measure for the destruction of house martin nests at a nearby residential building.
The martin swallow house was erected in 2012. To increase the chances of colonisation by martins we installed a bird attractor.

bird attractor for swallow house
swallow house
bird attractor for house martin

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