Indnat - handmade trousers
Attention to detail - made by indnat
// Barcelona

INDNAT - handmade pants, with attention to detail.

Socially and environmentally responsible. Pants made by Indnat are full of character and dignity. May pants have such a thing as dignity? We think: yes!

It is not only beacause the materials are certified organic. The pants maker Marcus Priester has founded the label and sews pants in Barcelona and Munich. Pants that we like to wear.

These are trousers with cuts inspired from the field of traditional gear. The clothing of the artisans, carpenters. Inspired by the costume of the South Tyrolean mountain farmers from the Sarn Valley.

We think these pants are more than fashionable. They are exemplary!

We recommend textile gear made by INDNAT.

All pictures are  property of INDNAT®2013 © Marcus Priester.

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