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Interaktives Webdesign - Lebensräume und Stationen in Google Maps
// Naturschutzgebiet Buchleite, Markt Berolzheim

Interactive Webdesign for Nature reserve

The existence of websites about nature reserves still seems to be quite advanced. If they also get a contemporary web design and a modern navigation concept, then that is most pleasing and, moreover, for the purposes of nature conservation. Because, as the saying goes: "Do good and talk about it".
This is what happened during the Middle Franconian nature reserve Buchleite in Markt Berolzheim.
The project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection. The area is  famous for its rare varieties of fruit. The project is now equipped with an innovative online presentation.
With overlays on Google Maps and interactive filtering capabilities, users can explore the various habitats on the computer.


modern coding - filter for fruit
modern design - fullscreen panoramas

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Webdesign for nature reserve Peregrine Webcam at castle of nuremberg concept, design and development of website for award winning project
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