Pigeon management - Consultancy and Planning

You want to keep pigeons away from your property? In a collective site visit, we evaluate your property and provide you solutions. We advise you on the advantages and disadvantages, and effectiveness of the optical conspicuousness of different bird control systems which can be used for your property.

We prescind from inobjective media reports, or arguments about the health hazards posed by pigeons (pathogens, parasites). Our approach is holistic, we respect the animal protection law and act with scientific and biological background.



  • Advice for choosing the appropriate bird control systems for optical conspicuousness and effectiveness on the object.
  • Opinion on the creation of structural damage to buildings affected by existing buildings or risk profiles for buildings that are in the planning.
  • Preparation of proposals for facade optimization in the planning phase and developing a holistic concept (breeding, population biology, etc.)
  • Integration of pigeons defense system in existing facade plans and taking into account the facade design.


Send us a description of the situation, plans and photographs and we will prepare a free proposal for an individual solution.

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