Pigeon management

Holistic concepts for cities with a lasting impact:

City pigeons are very successful species that has adapted to living in cities. Here the descendants of rock pigeons find ideal conditions for breeding in niches of buildings and sufficient food.

Their proliferation brought them the title of "flying rats". An image that is not suitable to these animals. Indeed they have a very long history with humans. One might think of the symbolism associated with pigeons.

In order to make peace between supporters and opponents of pigeons we offer you modern, science-based solutions.

Successful concepts include monitoring and birth control by specially equipped pigeon lofts next to pigeon defense.
Here the pigeons can be cared by pigeon managers and their eggs can be replaced by plastic eggs. The pigeon population of a city can be regulated and it decreases by disposing a holistic concept which includes  other measures like pigeon defense are considered within a city in the holistic concept.

We offer holistic concepts that solve the so called "pigeon problem" in a sustainable,
environmentally friendly and humanely way. Benefit from our experience and our interdisciplinary network. Ask

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