Dialogue marketing - direct mail, promotional gifts, guerilla marketing

Dialogue marketing is personal and targeted approach to your customers. The goals are intensive product presentation, preservation of customer loyalty, or build new customer relationships.
We have the variety of environmental topics and the experience to make you mailing successfull.

We have an efficient public relations network to place PR activities to  your environmental projects.

A special form of (dialogue) marketing is guerrilla marketing. With the help of surprising moments you will contact your customers in an intensive dialogue.

Especially the environment sector offers many opportunities for guerrilla marketing.

We offer design, planning, text, administration, and evaluation ou of one hand.

Tecnical terms are: direct mail, mailing, invitation card, greeting card, Christmas card, press release, public relations activities, promotional gifts, guerrilla marketing.

Suitable acitivties

concept, design and development of website for award winning project Peregrine Webcam at castle of nuremberg
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