Action for birds

For each building we offer a solution to attract birds.

Customized solutions ensure optimal results.
For nests of house martins we offer the installation of boards to catch the falling droppings.

Most of the birds that nast on houses do not pollute the house walls when the nest boxes are installed professionally. They do not transmit diseases to humans.

Pigeons will not find breeding opportunities in professionally constructed nestboxes.

Suitable acitivties

Jackdaws in the Bismarck school Custom product for house-breeding birds in church nestboxes for jackdaws, swifts and kestrels at watergate building new accommodations for swifts and bats in the western city of Nuremberg Common House Martin Management by gruenstifter Extra accommodation for common kestrels SIEMENS takes care for bird protection
action for birds - made by gruenstifter

Suitable articles

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