protection of species and development in harmony

Important for all homeowners, architects, planners, energy consultants, craftsmen, engineers and others involved in the construction:

Perhaps the conservation law is not as common as the build law. So what can and cannot be done to protect birds, their nests and habitat from development proposals and other threats? 

  • Local authorities must consider wildlife when making planning decisions. Do contribute to the decision-making process with your evidence of the wildlife on the site, but be realistic.
  • A wildlife designation on a site weighs far more heavily than the simple fact that wildlife is present: find out what designations exist locally, or consider whether it is possible to demonstrate that a site should be designated based on accepted criteria.
  • If you think development may go ahead despite your concerns, tell the local authority how  they could use planning conditions to reduce or avoid harm to wildlife, or compensate for lost habitats by creating new areas nearby.

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