special case house martin - displeasure about droppings

In earlier times swallows were messengers of happiness.

They kept the house from fire and lightning, and the cattle in the barn from disease. Even today, the first returned swallow for many is regarded as evidence that the outdoor season is not far off. And, supposedly low-flying swallows warn in time of impending rain.

Ideal conditions for a harmonious coexistence of man and swallows. Unfortunately, however, the population of House Martins and  Barn Swallow decrease since years. The main reasons for this are the lack of suitable nesting sites and the lack of suitable nesting material.

Often the droppings of House Martins generated resentment among local residents. The solution is simple: We install dropping boards. Ask us according to an offer.

The destruction of the nesting places is prohibited by law.

The Common House Martin  (Delichon urbicum)
dropping board
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