What are Building breeders?

At many buildings of our city birds such as House Sparrows, Martins, Black Redstart, swifts, Kestrels and Jackdaws are nesting. Bats use niches, gaps and roof chambers as a shelter.

At buildings these species usually find nesting sites in the eaves, crevices and cavities.
Through energy renovations nesting sites are often unwittingly destroyed.
A decline in populations is the result.

As a builder, you can create new or maintain existing nesting sites and actively
contribute to the protection of urban nature.

Important for all homeowners, architects, planners, energy consultants, craftsmen, engineers and others involved in developments:

The law gives a clear framework for action to preserve the breeding and nesting sites of specially protected species.

Species and their nesting sites on buildings must be considered during the building design. Otherwise it may lead to costly delays in the development.

We advise and implement solutions for a conflict-free coexistence of development and species protection.

Suitable acitivties

Jackdaws in the Bismarck school Custom product for house-breeding birds in church nestboxes for jackdaws, swifts and kestrels at watergate building new accommodations for swifts and bats in the western city of Nuremberg Common House Martin Management by gruenstifter Extra accommodation for common kestrels SIEMENS takes care for bird protection
Common swift (Apus Apus)
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)
Common House Martin (Delichon urbicum)

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